Right to Work and the “free-rider” effect/worker mobility

It has been claimed by angry union leaders in Michigan and other states that adopt “Right to Work” laws which eliminate compulsory union membership that such laws create a “free-rider effect.” A good article here explains that unions ARE NOT required to represent all employees at a given company. The problem is that unions do not exercise this option for political reasons.

Also, this interactive website illustrates the ongoing shift of workers to states that preserve worker freedom from states that do not have such protections.

HT’s Jack Swickard and Harry Messenheimer, PhD.

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6 Replies to “Right to Work and the “free-rider” effect/worker mobility”

  1. The only thing worse than private sector unions are public sector unions. The idea that taxpayer dollars and government employees are used to collect union dues is repulsive and also is unconsitutional (anti-donation clause). On top of that union representatives are allowed to perform union work while being paid by the taxpayers. The elected officials in New Mexico won’t stop this unlawful activity because they want to be re-elected and need union money to make that happen.

  2. Let’s also consider that unions in the corporate work space, such as UAW at General Motors, have one set of interests, while unions representing state or local employees, Teachers or Police and Fire, should be acting in the public interest as well.

    There is little evidence or few examples where any unions act in other than their own interests. In the case of General Motors, there is not that much impact, as if that company has problems, cars and trucks can be purchased from any other company.

    In the case of, say, the Teachers Unions, if the school system does not educate our children, the loss is felt for all of their lives. So, public unions do not serve the people’s interests and so must be regulated in the interests of the taxpayers and the children in the system.

  3. The labor unions have long outlived their usefulness.
    The economies of our surrounding states are all doing much better than we, and they all have Right-to-Work.
    For the State’s economic benefit, we need to enact
    Right-to-Work legislation.

  4. The State of New Mexico already has “Right-to-Work” rules in effect for Public School Districts. Every employee is covered by the contract that the union bargains, but they DO NOT have to join the union or pay dues. We are also forbidden to strike and we cant bargain for wages or raises that the State Legislature does not approve and provide.

    Michael Moss
    Kirtland Vice-President
    Central Consolidated Education Association

    1. Thanks for the note Michael. That was my understanding as well. Still a good idea for other areas of NM’s workforce/economy.

  5. Hi Bert,I know this is Helen’s blog, but I did want to clear one thing up. I agree that teachers shdoluer too much of the blame, especially when they work hard to inspire and motivate their students. I know there are a lot of hard-working teachers in the government-funded school system. I know that some are conservative. The problem is that teachers are working within a system that is flawed, especially when you compare it to home education. If you are interested in specifics, please come to my blog and contribute your thoughts.I also find that there are problems that are mostly beyond individual teachers’ control. Nevertheless, parents are taking their kids out of the school system to avoid those problems. My concern is that the NEA and other unions will use their power to remove the alternatives that homeschoolers have worked so hard to put in place. Regardless of where children are educated, the consensus seems to be that parents have to be involved in most cases for education to be successful. Unfortunately, this is a minority, and this is where the government-funded school systems struggle the most. Home education doesn’t suffer the same problem, because, for the most part, parents are the ones doing the educating. Some do it better than others, but home educated students on average placed in the high 80’s and low 90’s of the government school student average. They’re winning national spelling bees and science fairs. They’re blowing the doors off the government school system and the teachers unions know it. Parents are also waking up to this fact, and some are making the lifestyle changes like we did to give our children a better shot at the future. Steve

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