Right to Work bandwagon growing in NM

Despite an abject lack of progress on Right to Work during the 2013 legislative session, the push for a Right to Work law in New Mexico (begun most recently by RGF) seems to be gaining steam. Mark Mix, the head of National Right to Work made a return visit to the Land of Enchantment which was written up in Albuquerque Business First.

We have done the research on the potential economic benefits of such a law. If we’d adopted a law during the 2013 legislative session:

By 2020, New Mexico would have 42,300 more people working as a right-to-work state,
with more that 2,000 in increased manufacturing employment.

By 2020, the state’s personal income would be nearly $5 billion higher and wage and
salary income would be $2.2 billion higher.

And, of course we welcome the support of NAIOP, Mayor Berry, and business and community leaders across the political spectrum. Of course, this Legislature can’t pass even modest tax reforms without raising taxes and increasing subsidies elsewhere. Game-changing free market reforms like Right to Work are simply too much for this Legislature to consider.