Right to Work clear winner in head-to-head debate

In today’s Albuquerque Journal, both the “For” and “Against” sides got to make their cases with Mark Mix of the National Right to Work Foundation in support and Connie Derr, Executive Director of AFSCME in New Mexico against.

Derr complains about the Koch brothers for several paragraphs and brings one salient point to bear: “average wages for all occupations in RTW states are $4 an hour less than in non-RTW states.”

Mix, on the other hand, brings myriad facts to bear citing New Mexico’s struggling economy and showing how Western RTW states are outperforming their non-RTW peers. He also notes that once cost of living is accounted for, workers in RTW states make more. Mix also illustrates how RTW empowers workers and makes unions more responsive to them while not “killing” labor unions.

For more on why unions hate RTW, check out this video:

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2 Replies to “Right to Work clear winner in head-to-head debate”

  1. Need to congratulate all the Dem’s who made sure this RTW bill didn’t pass. Once again you’ve proven why this state always lags behind kin helping the worker. I was forced to join a union to keep my job thanks to “Big Bill” Richardson so I do know what I’m talking about. Once again, thanks guys….


    We don’t have to look far to see how the unions can tax all Americans. The recent work slowdown by the West Coast Longshoremen delayed shipments coming into and out of the US up to 8 weeks, in spite of their receiving up to $175,k00/year in compensation. In Albuquerque, the monumental edifice to their lifestyle and living off of hard workers’ pay can be seen in the I-25 Carpenter’s Training facility. It never seems to be used much.
    It hasn’t been widely publicized how much the Longshoreman’s slow down cost the economy, but with fruits and vegetables destined for Asia sitting on the docks rotting, it is in the billions. Some parts had to be air freighted in to keep assembly lines rolling. Everyone paid for this union greed.
    When our daily products come to us through a national trucking firm, you are paying for the union, railroads are all unionized, and aircraft mechanics are unionized. What would the cost savings without unions?
    Unions also support minimum wage increases as it gives them an excuse to ask for higher wages for their members, and more for their bloated management. The minimum wage raises the bar for entry workers, increases the unemployment, increases taxes going to Washington, reduces the number of people who are of this value. It also enlarges the underground economy where people are paid in cash and not reported to avoid the cost of doing so, further depleting the national treasury. The false hope that a minimum wage increase will raise their standard of living is quickly found to be erroneous and mistaken, fed by those who hope to take more power and are found out to be manipulative and prey upon those who want to be brain dead. It merely increases the costs of everything in the economy.
    When I worked at Sandia National Laboratories in 1967-1970, one of he shops I worked in as a contract employee was a union shop and when I went to refill a container with a chemical, I was stopped by one of he workers and told that I couldn’t. It took two days of going through grievance and other procedures to get it filled, a series of what to me appeared unnecessary steps, reducing productivity and increasing job costs.
    During recent canvassing for RTW in New Mexico, many expressed their disdain for the unions and even some of those who worked for unions disliked that they would take their dues and use them for other than promoting worker’s benefits. One quit the job because of the hostile relationship they created with the employer and the union bosses were using money for other than job progressing activities.
    One union that is important to the future of America is the teacher’s union. Unfortunately, the politicization of this group has reduced the quality of education and dis-incentivized the valuable role that they play in shaping our children including changing the history perspective and the value of our experience in becoming our great country, creating and continuing the idea that we were created for, what freedom and responsibility means, and how we are to continue the progress necessary for world leadership. There used to be a symbol put on proudly made union products in this country and this letter speaks volumes about the poor quality of education they receive:

    The American spirit has been founded on hard work, progress, productivity, and meeting challenges. When a union steps into a work place, everyone is treated the same, not much different than what we would find in a Communist or Marxist state. This is un-American and ultimately stifles productivity and removes incentives for higher production. Comments from ex-union workers that they were told “Not to work so fast as you are making the rest look bad” are common.
    Another sentiment expressed was that the unions have outlived their usefulness, which is true as the government has taken over many of their missions such as minimum wage, work hours, pay rates, work conditions such as OSHA, MSHA, unemployment compensation, workers compensation and as such, they have little to demand other than membership and dues to support their continuing liberal agenda and more power. .
    When one looks at the income of the union ruling class, it is quite different than from the workers who support them. Their vast holdings are significant and their political influence is massive with the capability of brining hundreds to an issue when necessary such as busing their supporters to legislative gatherings to protect their interests.
    On the National level, they have attempted to circumvent the rules by making out of session appointments to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) through President Obama which were over turned by the Supreme Court and in doing so, voided many of the labor tilted decisions issued by the NLRB until overturned. They have also taken dues from home care workers under rules that were overturned by the Supreme Court and are now being sought to be returned by class action suits across the country.
    Our roads, bridges, canals, levees and other infrastructure components are not being kept up and we are sliding into a hole that may not be recovered from. The infrastructure cost is very dependent upon the labor cost to work on it and this is governed by “prevailing wage” that is largely set by the unions and is required in all federal spending on these projects. If the US is going to maintain a secure infrastructure, then it needs to allow free enterprise and labor competition determine pricing, not federal regulations.
    In New Mexico, nurses are unionized and their dues are voluntary which is exactly what the unions are objecting to but already well in existence, so their complaints are really hollow.
    It is obvious that from the 25 states that have adopted Right To Work that the union milieu needs reining in and from studies in RTW vs. Non-RTW states, the employment rate is higher, wages higher, productivity higher.
    When one objects to RTW, the same name calling tactics the unions use can be used against them, but with more accuracy and definition, such as “You are supporting jobs in other states, and even overseas like China by seeing to it that jobs are too restrictive here.”
    Like the dinosaurs, the unions have had their day.

    Leland T.”Tom” Taylor

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