Right to Work is working for Oklahoma

At the Rio Grande Foundation, we’ve been focusing attention on the need for Right to Work legislation to turn New Mexico’s economy around. Interestingly, a bordering state, Oklahoma, has a recent experience with having adopted such legislation.

According to this analysis from Scott Moody and Wendy Warcholik who have done work for RGF as well, since 2003, “Oklahoma‚Äôs manufacturing GDP has grown 45 percent…outstripping that of the average manufacturing growth in in non-Right To Work states (22 percent).”

Also, according to the same report, the economic growth associated with Right to Work has led to more people and economic growth happening in the Sooner State: “between 1995 and 2002, Oklahoma lost 10,681 households, 3,461 people, and more than $1 billion in income. From 2003 to 2008, however, Oklahoma has gained 13,215 households, 40,693 people, and $99 million in income.