Right to work was big winner in 2016 election

Given the Democrats’ takeover of New Mexico’s Legislature in Tuesday’s election, the Land of Enchantment looks to be a ways away from any action on “right to work.” Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, an ardent opponent of “right to work” was defeated, but with the House back under Democratic control and the Senate firmly under Democrat control, it will be tough sledding for proponents of free market reforms in the Legislature.

Around the country Kentucky and Missouri now seem primed to become the 27th and 28th “right to work” states in the country.

The trend of states looking to improve their economies by adopting “right to work” continues.

Interesting, but ultimately irrelevant was the failure of the “right to work” constitutional amendment in Virginia. The state is already a “right to work” state. A similar measure passed in Alabama. A South Dakota measure that would have undermined “right to work” was defeated overwhelmingly.

Lastly, it must be noted that with Trump winning the election, he’ll have the opportunity to nominate a conservative justice to the Supreme Court. Justice Scalia’s death caused the Friedrichs case to deadlock at 4-4 which kept some public employees locked into paying union dues even if they didn’t want to be part of the union. Should this or a similar case return to the Court, this would be another important pro-“right to work” development resulting directly from this election.