Rio Grande Foundation release new legislative tracking tool just in time for special session

Keeping track of what is happening in Santa Fe during the legislative session can be a real chore. Special interests, media outlets, and those with highly paid lobbyists are often the only ones capable of keeping on top of what is going on. Worse, even if you can track how particular legislators are voting on the issues, you often need a law degree to figure out what bills actually mean.
In order to allow individual New Mexicans (and media outlets/bloggers that don’t have the time or resources to send a dedicated staffer to Santa Fe) to keep track of what the Legislature is doing, the Rio Grande Foundation has created a new online resource called New Mexico Votes. The website, which can be accessed at is being made public just in time for the special session which is set to begin on Friday. Read the Foundation’s press release to find out more about more about how to take full advantage of New Mexico Votes during the special session and beyond.