Rio Grande Foundation Releases 2011 Piglet Book

The Rio Grande Foundation, along with the Washington-based Citizens Against Government Waste, has released its latest “Piglet Book” to expose wasteful government spending in New Mexico.

Examples include everything from peanut subsidies in Portales to wasteful job training subsidies and interest-free film loans that are still outstanding. All of these and much, much more are contained in the Booklet which is available online here.

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2 Replies to “Rio Grande Foundation Releases 2011 Piglet Book”

  1. Re: the interest-free loans to movie companies (all of which are Hollywood companies – none NM), I agree that could be put on hiatus until we get reimbursed from the millions that have yet to be so.

    What was left out of your assessment, however, is that the loans are required to be guaranteed by a third party, and so should be paid back when the payback date matures. Theoretically the state will lose no money for that gesture.

    Personally, I don’t think the loans are necessary. I’m supremely confident movie companies will come for the 25% rebate, no problem. But if they help woo companies who otherwise might go somewhere else for higher rebates (Michigan, I believe, is 43%), and it’s a win-win situation, why not if we have the money. If not, set it aside for awhile.

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