Rio Grande Foundation signs onto “ObamaCare” amicus brief

In case you haven’t heard already, the US Supreme Court will be hearing briefs in a matter of weeks on the federal health care law colloquially known as “ObamaCare.” The Rio Grande Foundation (along with the Cato Institute, several other state and national think tanks, and a number of legislators) has signed onto an “amicus brief” relating to the “individual mandate” contained in the law.

According to the brief, the issue discussed in the brief is:

Can a limited government to whom a free people have delegated only certain enumerated powers commandeer that people into purchasing a product from a private business pursuant to its power to pass laws “necessary and proper for carrying into execution” the authority to “regulate Commerce . . . among the several States”?

For the lawyers out there and interested citizens, the full brief is available here.

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4 Replies to “Rio Grande Foundation signs onto “ObamaCare” amicus brief”

  1. CATO Institute also has given a lot of money to the Rio Grande Foundation in the past. Good to know where the money comes from in your far-right political groups.

  2. “Good to know where the money comes from in your far-left political groups” too Richard. But since the corrupt Democrat party insists on accepting illegal donations from George Soros and other outside pressure groups and getting personal access from corrupt groups like Media Matters, we can’t really find out without subpoenas.

  3. Well said, Don. I notice Richard is not brave enough to sign his last name. I’ guessinfg he’s on Media Matters payroll.

    I’m happy for the amicus brief filing and pray we can kill Obamacare ASAP. I hope that everyone now realizes that the purchase mandate is simply the first, with many more mandates to come. Contraceptives, sterilization, and the morning after pill are just the begining. Soon we will all be forced or mandated to pay for abortion through the 9th month while real healthcare is rationed.

  4. I think Rick Santorum needs to get a copy of Obama’s Health care bill and point out the things in the bill that have nothing to do with health care. Like for instance taxing all capitol funds, taxing any profit you make selling your house, etc etc. What does this have to do with Health Care can be the name of the next debate.

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