Rio Grande Foundation Submits Comments in Opposition to EPA’s Clean Power Plan

(Albuquerque, NM) —The Rio Grande Foundation today joined with elected officials and organizations from 50 states representing a wide range of industries to voice strong concerns with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) flawed “Clean Power Plan.”

For more than 70 years, New Mexico has exercised exclusive jurisdiction over its retail electricity markets. With the passage of the Federal Power Act in 1935, the Congress codified New Mexico’s—and all States’—prerogative to oversee their retail electricity markets, unencumbered by federal intrusion. EPA’s Clean Power Plan, by its very terms, would erase this “bright line” in jurisdiction between federal and state governments.

In addition to usurping the state’s authority, the rule adds insult to injury by imposing unreasonable costs on New Mexico ratepayers. Residential rates are projected to increase by 13 percent to 14 percent, while industrial rates are projected to increase by 23 percent. Making matters worse, the rule also poses a threat to electric reliability.

In response to previous EPA rules, utilities already have announced the closure of 633 megawatts of coal-fired electricity in New Mexico. EPA modeling for the Carbon Pollution Rule projects that the regulation would cause an additional 1,001 megawatts of electricity generating capacity in New Mexico to retire.

The Rio Grande Foundation’s comments are available online.

Said Paul Gessing, president of the Rio Grande Foundation which organized and submitted the comments, “Reliable and inexpensive electricity is critical to creating a prosperous economy. Working class New Mexicans, small businesses, and those on fixed incomes, cannot afford to see electricity prices skyrocket due to unnecessary and ineffectual federal regulations.”

Gessing further noted that it is not just his opinion that the regulations will be ineffective, in September 2013 testimony before a House committee, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy conceded the agency’s climate-change regulatory regime would not affect the climate, because the preponderance of current and future greenhouse-gas emissions originate in Asia.

In conclusion, the EPA is imposing significant costs on New Mexico businesses and rate-payers for no net reduction in current and future greenhouse-gas emissions.

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2 Replies to “Rio Grande Foundation Submits Comments in Opposition to EPA’s Clean Power Plan”

  1. When my husband and I moved to Albuquerque 21 years ago, the summers were hotter than they have been lately. At that time, there was barely enough power to handle the electricity demands from both evaporative and refrigerated cooling during an extended heat wave. The public was requested to shift power usage to off-peak times where possible in order to avoid brownouts/blackouts.

    Now the EPA has imposed the closing of two of the four coal-fired San Juan power-generating units. Not only will this increase costs to New Mexico businesses and rate-payers, but if we begin having the hotter summers of the mid-1990’s again, there will not be enough power available to handle the demand. And the EPA is urging the closure of the remaining two San Juan generating units. These steps if taken will surely wreck New Mexico’s economy.

  2. This President we have suffers from the need to punish America. In his book Dreams of My Father it was his fathers dream to punish America for her transgression in the world (using more that our fair share of energy & taking the spoils after wars). His Anti-Colonial views sees this energy move as correcting wrongs in the world caused by America. Just like the first page of the Agenda 21 document states America has been bad and must pay the poor in the world for their evil actions of using too much fossil fuel because for some reason they think you and I using electricity affects people in poor countries adversely. He is delusional though to think necessarily skyrocketing energy prices will not cause riots. The little side show his administration has put together around the country to promote racial tension where only 300 people show up (not much of a protest more like paid activists) will be NOTHING compared to what is fixing to happen when people get utility bills that go up 6 times the amount. Everyone will have their electricity turned off and any disposable income left in our country will go to living expense. Just like BHO wants it – American’s to suffer and know how third world people live and feel. He of course will live on our dime in the White House flying around the country several times a week until the American public understands what he wants to inflict on us and a revolt happens.

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