Rio Grande Foundation tells censorious GoDaddy goodbye

For a few years the Rio Grande Foundation had hosted its web presence using the popular “GoDaddy” web hosting service. But in September of 2021 GoDaddy announced that it was going to be forcing the group Texas Right to Life off of its servers for the sin of collecting “tips” under Texas’ new abortion law.

The Rio Grande Foundation as an organization does not work on abortion issues and does not take a position on the Texas abortion law, but we DO have serious concerns about corporations and their newfound desire to “cancel” organizations and people with whom they may disagree. In fact, Rio Grande Foundation was recently censored by the video hosting platform Youtube. Thus, we have created a new channel on Rumble and will be putting our videos there as well.

The problems of “cancel culture” and censorship are by no means limited to “GoDaddy” (or Youtube) but we will push back wherever possible.  The Rio Grande Foundation often takes controversial stances on important public policy issues that could cause us to suddenly lose our web hosting service for some heretofore unforeseen reason.

Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about that in the future. As of today we have found another web hosting service and have removed our websites from GoDaddy.

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2 Replies to “Rio Grande Foundation tells censorious GoDaddy goodbye”

  1. Will look for you at Rumble, glad you ended the Go Daddy service. We the people have the right and responsibility to hear and assess many sides of a discussion. The ability to make informed decisions lies with being able to read, share and understand consequences of those decisions. Keep up the good work always enjoy you on Clark’s show.

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