RIP and Thank You Lady Thatcher

Former English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has passed away. She was perhaps the greatest political leader of the 20th Century and brought Britain back from being “The Sick Man of Europe” with tough-minded, free market reforms. Read just one of the many eulogies of Thatcher from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Her stiff spine on behalf of free markets and limited government is needed now more than ever. Check out one of her great moments here:

Interestingly enough, RGF recently hosted an event with British economist and author John Blundell on Thatcher and her legacy. See an interview done by Rob Nikolewski below:

Blundell’s full speech on Lady Thatcher in Albuquerque can be found below (PS: we have a few copies of Blundell’s book on Thatcher available, email us at if you’re interested):

3-26-13 Blundell on Thatcher from Paul Gessing on Vimeo.