Russian invasion of Ukraine leading to resumed push for LNG exports

With all of the energy policy focus on the Obama Administration’s indecision over approval or lack thereof of the Keystone XL pipeline, the issue of LNG exports had been lost in the shuffle (The Obama Administration has been indecisive on that front as well). As it turns out, all it took to get the issue back to the top of people’s minds is geopolitics and Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine.

Unfortunately for advocates of free market economic policies, mere jobs and economic growth were inadequate as a tool of placing pressure on the Obama Administration to act, but now, none other than House Speaker Boehner is in the Wall Street Journal demanding action from Obama on LNG exports. We certainly welcome the added pressure on behalf of good economic policy and agree that even the decision to export LNG could make Putin take notice. Hopefully, as the geopolitical situation changes, the pressure to export LNG will build to the point of policy changes.

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