Sanity in Santa Fe: Kudos to Friends of Capitalism

In case you missed it, yesterday, the voters of Santa Fe rejected a tax hike. The real estate transfer tax was the only measure on the ballot yesterday and it would have imposed a 1 percent fee onto any portion of a home sale price higher than $750,000.
4,557 of the more than 8,400 voters who turned out in the election — about 54 percent — voted against higher taxes and the nascent but ever-growing activism organization Friends of Capitalism should be congratulated for stopping this unwise tax hike. We need more such grassroots organizations to come together around New Mexico. If you’re interested, we at the Rio Grande Foundation highly recommend and are willing to help you attend the National Taxpayers Union conference this summer. Activism works and if it works in Santa Fe (of all places) it can work in your community.

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