SB 5 isn’t just a “red flag” bill, it’s also a giveaway to trial attorneys

SB 5 (you can read the latest at this link) isn’t just a “red flag” bill to allow the confiscation of guns, it is also a giveaway to the trial bar. A sneaky line in the bill states “failure to comply with duties established pursuant to state or law” would allow liability.

Perhaps this is an effort to demand compliance from reluctant law enforcement agencies, but it could also allow for a great deal of legal shenanigans.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'NM Shooting Sports Association @NM_SSA Under SB5, a law enforcement officer who refused to issue a gun confiscation order could be sued by the petitioner. Both of the bill's sponsors Daymon Ely and Joe Cervantes are personal injury attorneys; they could personally financially benefit from the bill. #nmpol #nmleg #2a 3:32 PM· • 10 Feb 20 Twitter for Android'

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3 Replies to “SB 5 isn’t just a “red flag” bill, it’s also a giveaway to trial attorneys”

  1. Sounds to me like a bunch of uneducated backwoods Hillbillies are grasping at straws to degrade a bill they’re too stupid to understand in the first place. SB5 passing will not have any effect in anyone unless you happen to be a violent meth-head or a drunken criminal. Don’t worry FredBob,”they’s a not a-comin fer yer guns”……. unless you keep beating your wife and kids. I heard SASQUATCH loves guns! RUN CLEETUS!

    1. Since there’s no due process of an investigation. This opens the door to lies and misinformation. A mad neighbor, a now jilted lover who got dumped because they were caught cheating, an x spouse, a co-worker who’s a hater. Anyone of them can file a false claim. They need to add in a “investigation” step first, and go investigate the complainant, deeply, and if it’s a lie, false accusation, they should be arrested, go to jail, and be fined. *5 years & $50,ooo fine sounds like a good balance in the scales of justice.

  2. Joseph Cervantes has sponsored another gift for judges (they are lawyers also) during this 2020 short session. It is SB280 which, if passed into law, will increases salaries for judges by 42%. Does Cervantes stand to receive favorable judgement from someone who receives a huge pay raise by his hand?

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