Scenes near Albuquerque’s Coronado Park

Albuquerque’s homeless situation continues to spiral out of control while some “leaders” want to institutionalize “homeless” encampments around the City in yet another effort to make homelessness an even greater problem. Mayor Keller has also proven himself to be woefully unprepared to address the problem.

Driving from I-40 to Downtown is one of the “best” ways to see what is happening for yourself although almost every intersection in town has people asking for money. These photos were taken on the afternoon of June 15, 2021.

Catnap under the I-40 bridge:

Would YOU take your family to Coronado Park? 

Close-up of part of Coronado Park

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  1. The new mayor will have a tremendous task on his hands in managing this problem. First and foremost, remove ABQ from the sanctuary city list and make every effort to either get the homeless into treatment or move them down the road.

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