School Choice Could Increase NM Graduation Rates 18%, Increase Tax Revenue

At least, that is how much a voucher system implemented in Milwaukee is estimated to have raised graduation rates in that city according to a new study. Now, does that mean we should adopt vouchers in New Mexico? Maybe not, but the fact is that choice is working where it has been tried. Tax credits would be another option and pursuit of the full-fledged reforms adopted in Florida is another option.

Based on a separate study, the annual impact from 3,352 more MPS graduates would include an additional $21.2 million in personal income and $3.6 million in extra tax revenue. Perhaps New Mexico could at least partially solve its budgetary problems through the aggressive adoption of school choice? One can only hope…after all, raising graduation rates and a healthier economy…that’s change I can believe in! The full report on Milwaukee’s school choice results can be found here.

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3 Replies to “School Choice Could Increase NM Graduation Rates 18%, Increase Tax Revenue”

  1. Vouchers will never come to NM as the Democrat controlled legislature would never do anything to antogonize the teachers’ unions. It’s just one of the many costs we pay for failure to have a vibrant two party political system here. There was a Tribune article some years ago that said the last time the Republicans held a majority in the state house and senate at the same time was 1930 , some 80 years ago.

  2. The fundamental problem with vouchers is the inherent assumption that public schools will always fail. That premise is unacceptable. Every child has a right to walk to a neighborhood school and be offered a world class education.

    We need to stop accepting public school failure as inevitable.

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