School closures public and private and New Mexico’s aging population

The closure of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Albuquerque is nothing short of a tragedy. Both the reasons for the closure AND the closure itself SHOULD have all New Mexicans concerned about our State.

For starters, it is by no means the only New Mexico school seeing an enrollment decline. The precipitous drop in enrollment at Albuquerque Public Schools is well-documented.  And, while recent reports note the rising popularity of home schooling nationally, New Mexico was hardly a leader in that area.

The truth is that while birth rates have plummeted nationwide, New Mexico is ALSO seeing an exodus of young people and families.

Of course, closure of a Catholic school is ALSO a tragedy because Catholic schools are potentially a solution for what ails New Mexico’s education system which is ranked dead last in study after study on the topic. On the other hand, if Catholic schools were a state, they would be the highest performing state in the country. 

Sadly, year after year school choice proposals are brought before our Legislature that would make Catholic schools a more realistic option for thousands of New Mexico families, yet nothing is done.

Finally, while no one would confuse the Catholic schools with a for-profit enterprise, the fact that unlike APS which continues to lose students but refuses to close schools, the Catholic Schools operate under actual budgetary constraints. They can’t rely on more money from Santa Fe every year.

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12 Replies to “School closures public and private and New Mexico’s aging population”

    1. We got enough illegals to more tham make up for the population. We don’t need more people we need people to get a job and support their own. The government is not a good bank. They need to take care of the veterans and the homeless that are from USA.

  1. If they didn’t charge so much per year per child then maybe our kids would go. Cost of living going up pay the same how can family’s make it, so they have to choose.

    1. Catholic schools are relatively affordable. I send my kids to one. They have to pay the bills and don’t get money from the government. It’s worth it to keep them out of the failing government schools.

      1. The Catholic schools may cost more than they once did, but they provide a better education at a small fraction of the cost of what the government schools do.

  2. For the falling birth rate, maybe if you stopped encouraging abortions, the birth rate would go up. Like it or not, the push for abortions is a form of genocide for the black community as they are the ones who terminate the most pregnancies. After that, stop spending money on those homeless who refuse to help themselves by refusing to take advantage of the programs already offered and hand that money to those women who agree to carry on with their pregnancies so long as they aren’t drug or alcohol addicted. Support those families and their children and get rid of the “woke” programs in schools. Go back to the 3 R’s and bring our country back up to the top 10 in the world; where we used to be; for education.

    1. Ma’am I am not for abortion! I’m very much against it. But they didn’t say birthrates were going down. In fact they said they were going to up!

    2. Please fact check. You are mistaken. And “woke” is a fiction. It is not a thing. For tok long we have taught euro-centered, white centric history as if it were the whole truth. And as for the homeless, how about “there but for the grace of aGod go I”. That seems like the appropriate response.

  3. If I had children I would want to keep them out of public schools. I would put them in one of these schools. I do understand that people cannot afford the tuition.
    I am sad that this school is closing after so many years. I hate seeing people lose their jobs. Thank you Our Lady of Fatima for all your years of service to the community.

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