Scorpions Having Trouble Attracting Fans to New Arena

It seems that Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez has put plans for an arena on hold at least temporarily. As I pointed out previously, this is most certainly a good thing as the metro area already has more arena space than it needs.
That said, it is interesting to note that the New Mexico Scorpions minor league hockey team, despite having a succesful year on the ice, are deeply concerned about attendance numbers at their new digs in Rio Rancho. As long as the drive is out to the new arena, it seems a bit unlikely that the location is a real problem as plenty of other acts have, and continue to, sell out there. Regardless of the reason for the Scorpions attendance woes, it is hard to believe that any team Albuquerque could draw to a proposed 14,000 seat arena would have any better luck. If private investors spending their own money feel differently, then they have every right to move forward, but Albuquerque taxpayers should not foot the bill.