See you at the Tea Party Today!: and then Atlas Shrugged

Along with my wife Krista and daughter Grace, we’ll be there on Menaul with the Albuquerque Tea Party this afternoon from 4 until about 5:30 to join the Tax Day Tea Party Rally. In three short years, the Tea Party has had a tremendous impact on New Mexico’s political situation — with the election of a fiscally-conservative Albuquerque Mayor and a fiscally-conservative Governor — and has completely changed the federal debate. We’ve gone from no one talking about fiscal restraint to even Barack Obama attempting to step in front of the spending cut parade.

The Tea Party is having an impact, so join them (and the Rio Grande Foundation) on Menaul this afternoon. And, if you can get a ticket at this point, join us at the Atlas Shrugged movie at the Rio 24.