Sen. Domenici Wants to Make Health Insurance More Expensive

Stuff happens. It is part of life. But when you are a member of Congress, what happens to your family often colors your worldview to the point that rightly or wrongly you act in ways that are inconsistent with your beliefs. This is especially true for New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici and Senator Michael Enzi of Wyoming who are teaming up with Sen. Ted Kennedy in an effort to add mental health to the long list of mandates on your health insurance.
While the big-government mindset of Sen. Kennedy is widely known, Senators Domenici and Enzi are usually level-headed conservatives. Unfortunately, personal tragedy has led Domenici to support bad policy, but I’m not sure what happened to Enzi.
At a time when Congress and the states are fixated on reducing the costs of health care, it simply makes no sense for our elected representatives to force consumers to bear the costs of even more coverage they may not need.