Sen. John Arthur-Smith on NM Freedom Hour this week

The New Mexico Freedom Hour is presented by the Rio Grande Foundation. It next airs on Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 12pm to 1pm on 770 KKOB AM. This week, Rob Nikolewski of Capitol Report New Mexico will be sitting in for Paul Gessing:

Nikolewski’s guest will be New Mexico Sen. John Arthur-Smith, D-Deming. Smith is chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee.

The show will be focused on New Mexico’s struggling economy and what the New Mexico Legislature can/will do about it.

Listeners are encouraged not only to tune in and listen, but to call in with questions: 505-243-3333.

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One Reply to “Sen. John Arthur-Smith on NM Freedom Hour this week”

  1. I would like to see Senator Smith and other sane Democrats spend some time convincing their constituents that his and their being Democrats hurts NM. That said, I appreciate all the good work he has done for our State. Thank you Senator from a Tea Party supporter.

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