Sen. Joshua Sanchez receives top Freedom Index marks in New Mexico Legislature followed by Sharer, Schmedes

Throughout the 2023 New Mexico legislative session we at the Rio Grande Foundation have been tracking the Legislature’s votes on various economic, education, and constitutional issues from a pro-freedom perspective via our Freedom Index. Bills receive scores anywhere from -8 to +8 depending on the overall impact of the legislation. Legislators are assigned points as floor votes are taken. Alas, we cannot rate committee votes.

You can find a spreadsheet detailing all the votes included in the index here.

We are pleased to announce that freshman Senator Joshua Sanchez of Belen but representing a sprawling district that goes all the way to the Arizona border, won the top prize with a score of 75. Sen. Bill Sharer was second with a score of 72 and Sen. Schmedes representing an Albuquerque-area district in the East Mountains was third with a score of 70.