Sen. Tom Udall visits Farmington to push for LNG exports

I don’t know if Sen. Tom Udall is expecting a tough race from Republican Senate candidate David Clements or if he expects someone with deeper pockets to enter the race, but he seems to be covering his bases as the 2014 campaign approaches. The latest indicator that Udall is serious about getting re-elected by appealing to New Mexicans’ common-sense is this front-page story from the Farmington Daily-Times on Udall’s efforts to push for increased exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

As noted in the article, the Rio Grande Foundation did a report explaining the potential benefits to New Mexico’s economy of exporting LNG. Udall’s position in support of LNG exports is not a new one, much to the dismay of radical environmentalists like the Sierra Club who would like Americans to get “beyond natural gas.”

Glad to see bi-partisan support among New Mexico’s Congressional delegation for this common-sense policy, despite pressure from the hard-line “environmentalists.” It would be nice if the Obama Administration was more active in its support of LNG exports.