Senate Conservation Committee considers two bad bills on Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the Senate Conservation Committee will meet to consider SB 67 and SB 132, both of which push a “green” agenda and send the costs to New Mexicans. SB 67 requires all new power generation plants to be 100% renewable, while SB 132 mandates all new home constructions to include solar panels.

The meeting starts at 9 A.M. and you can watch the webcast here.

The Rio Grande Foundation submitted testimony in opposition to both bills, which you can read below.

SB 67 Testimony

SB 132 Testimony

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One Reply to “Senate Conservation Committee considers two bad bills on Tuesday”

  1. Thank you for submitting testimony in opposition to both bills. I don’t think that solar panels at present are able to have a long enough lifetime to return much over your investment. Mandating that all new home constructions include solar panels just drives up the cost of a new home.

    No one ever talks about the cost of having gas fired power plants standing by at all time so they can pick up the power load immediately when needed.

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