Senate Finance Committee to hear two bad bills tomorrow

The Senate Finance Committee is planning to meet at 1 P.M. tomorrow to discuss a number of bills, including SB 130 and HJR 1. SB 130 would require 75% of the state’s vehicle fleet to be fully electric by 2030. The significant costs associated with this changeover would obviously be passed on to the taxpayer. HJR 1 would tap the land grant permanent fund to provide for expanded pre-K education. Unfortunately, the little data that exists does not support the notion that more pre-K leads to better education achievement down the road. Throwing more money at a broken system will not significantly move the needle on educational success in New Mexico.

You can watch the webcasts here, or contact the committee members with your comments using the information here.

The Rio Grande Foundation has submitted testimony in opposition to SB 130 and HJR 1.