Sequestration should move forward

From all of the talk about sequestration, one might be led to believe that it will result in “massive” spending cuts. That could not be further from the truth. What’s massive is our 16+ trillion dollar national debt and the trillion+ annually being added to it. Sequestration is not ideal, but as the Rio Grande Foundation and several other prominent free market groups point out in this newly-released letter, it is necessary to start this nation moving towards fiscal sanity.

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3 Replies to “Sequestration should move forward”

  1. Paul,
    During the New Mexico budget reduction a few years ago, it became evident that all areas of departmental spending could, and should, be cut back. Raises to upper level salaries were held in check, and expenses were reduced by attrition. Across-the-board Federal belt tightening must take place for any meaningful reduction in budget to occur, and I believe that you’re right on target with encouraging the Sequestration to take effect. While policy can create environments that allow private enterprise to flourish, government growth cannot create long term prosperity. It can only redistribute wealth.

  2. Federal cut backs:

    Freeze all hiring. 20% reduction in grades ES (Executive Service) 20% reduction for ALL elected officials, 15% all non-military federal employees(GS). 10% cuts all DOD military personnel except Company Grade officers(O1-3) and E8 and below must stay the same, no cuts.(honor them as they are putting their lives on the line).

    Freeze all budgets to 2011 levels – ALL OF THEM.

    If things don’t start improving, continue the flogging.

  3. I am a life-long Democrat, over 43 years (Albeit a Jeffersonian, no relation to the current crop of Progressive/Collectivists).

    Add to the $16 trillion the $5 trillion for our obligation for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, thanks to Mr. Johnson of Fannie Mae, Representative Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd, those most directly responsible for the fiscal and financial mess we are in. Repeal Frank-Dodd legislation immediately. Frank for certain, and probably Dodd, should be in prison for their direction, complicity, and participation in this.
    Last night I saw responses to the question of what Mr. Obama has done for us: He has raised the price/value of housing; he has spent less than other presidents. So the obamazombies are loose; perhaps his complicity in the Benghazi coverup will waken them. Doubtful.

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