Share your story on the 2012 election and its impact on your family

Our local NPR station, KUNM, has asked the Rio Grande Foundation to reach out to people who can provide fresh voices for an upcoming series relating to the 2012 election and how it will impact you and your family. The main goal is to find people with good stories who are willing to share what matters to them the most in the 2012 election. People who are on the more conservative side would be great to make sure that perspective is well represented in the series.

Serious inquiries only. Please Feel call Sarah Gustavus at KUNM at: 505-750-8049 if you are interested in participating in this project.

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3 Replies to “Share your story on the 2012 election and its impact on your family”

  1. Here’s my experience: I have retired from employment with a major company. I was going to open my own business but I am waiting to see what the outcome of the election is.

    I cannot afford to sink my money into a business and hire the people I need unless I have the assurance I won’t be robbed for trying to be successful.

    Mitt Romney was not my choice for the Republican nominee. However I will start up my business next year if he is elected. I will NOT start at all if Obama is reelected.

    I have no desire to invest my time and money just to work for the government.

  2. I just became elgible to pull my union pension this year, thank god my union controlled my pension, after the first CEO, fell asleep at the wheel, and the second CEO I worked for bankrupt the company. I do work a full time job, and plan to start a part time business. I don’t care who gets elected president.

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