Should Albuquerque embrace a city manager?

At both the state and local levels there appears to be great frustration with the way government worked. In the Legislature a great deal of time was spent discussing whether to pay legislators, extend sessions, and pay additional staffers (among other ideas).

None of the proposals were adopted and the Rio Grande Foundation’s position was that changing the form of government won’t necessarily result in improved competence among the political classes or the voters who put politicians in office.

Now, we hear that City of Albuquerque voters MAY be asked to vote on a proposal to embrace a City Manager style of government. We don’t care much for Mayor Keller and “feel the pain” of the councilors putting this idea forth, but is a new system of government what Albuquerque needs? Just like the full-time Legislature, it’s hard to say.

According to a list from New York City, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to major cities and how they are managed (see list below). Just looking at the list below seems to favor the Council-Manager model (in terms of city governance), but like everyone else we’ll be watching this discussion unfold at least for now.

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2 Replies to “Should Albuquerque embrace a city manager?”

  1. El Paso just fired the city manager. He was getting paid 450000 per.
    And he is getting 900000 to leave.
    And we have to hire another one
    Strong Mayor form of local government is what El Paso needs but the charter has to be amended.
    Not anytime soon

    1. Sounds like a bad situation in El Paso. To be clear we have no position one way or the other one which type of system is best. Albuquerque is looking to change its system (possibly) so we wanted to make sure this information got out. Voters ultimately have to elect better people and hold them accountable.

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