Should we add the Catholic Church in NM to the list of liberal interest groups?

The following is an “invitation” that was passed around on social media in advance of May Day (May 1). It shows the depth and breadth of the liberal organizations working to influence public policy in the Albuquerque area.

It appears, however, that one group that advocates for liberal economic causes is missing: The Catholic Church (RGF president Paul Gessing, author of this post, identifies as a frustrated Catholic). In the Albuquerque Journal today Archbishop John Wester made an argument for pre-K that was both factually-challenged and snarky towards the Albuquerque Journal editorial board which editorialized against the Santa Fe soda tax.

The Bishop of Santa Fe, John Wester, who seem to be more lobbyist than religious leader endorsed the Santa Fe soda tax, opposes taxing groceries, supports tapping the permanent fund for pre-k, and even supports the left-wing hobby horse “net neutrality.”

I’m fine with churches engaging in policy debates although I question the policy knowledge and acumen of officials in a Church led by a man who doesn’t even understand what the term “Libertarian” means.

And, despite the Church having a network of high-quality schools in place, they won’t lift a finger to promote school choice.