Should we really pay attention to what the AFT believes about Betsy DeVos

New Mexico’s AFT has been very active on social media in opposing President Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

They hate DeVos for one simple reason: she supports broad-based government policies aimed at increasing school choice. Every other objection is mere window-dressing.

The AFT touts itself as a “union of professionals,” but is the AFT really an organization that we should trust to make policies for educating our children? I happened to drop by the “Center for Progress and Justice” in Santa Fe a Democrat/liberal epicenter on Cerillos Road just south of St. Francis.

As seen below (a view from the road), the AFT has a presence there. I believe they have offices in the facility and they use it as it was the site of an event with their national boss Randi Weingarten when she visited New Mexico to stump for Hillary Clinton.

As other pictures show (taken of the south-facing wall), the Center for Progress and Justice is no ordinary “center-left” outfit. If anything, from reading the writing on the wall, I’d call their “workers of the world awaken” rhetoric closer to Marxist:

All of this may not change the views we hold of AFT which, like most unions tends to support leftist/Democrat causes “uber alles,” but the fact that they are willing to post their signs in front of a facility that touts such hard-left rhetoric should give us all pause when considering AFT as an arbiter of education policy both nationally and here in New Mexico.