Show me the money!

The federal government has announced the early launch of, an online portal to help you find out how your federal tax dollars are being spent. The website ensures that information about all federal grant and contract spending above $25,000 is published online for ordinary citizens to review.
This is a monumental achievement for transparency in government. You now have the ability to go online and look at nitty-gritty details about where more than $700 billion of our tax money is going. You can search by recipient name, by agency, even by location down to the city level.
I did a few searches by Congressional District and noticed that in New Mexico, districts one and three are among the top 25 districts in terms of receiving money over the past nine years. District two on the other hand, doesn’t appear until 155th place….still above average though.
Getting this database was a huge accomplishment for taxpayer advocates and supporters of transparent government. Getting a similar effort up and running in New Mexico would be a good thing as well.