Sick leave on the agenda in 2021 New Mexico Legislature

Some system of mandatory paid sick leave will be on the agenda for the 2021 New Mexico Legislature. Adoption of such legislation would likely obviate plans for such legislation at the local level (such as City of Albuquerque). Here are a few of the bills that have been introduced so far. We will keep you updated as these bills move (or not).

For a detailed comparison of the bills click on the following document.

HB 20 “Healthy Workplaces Act” by Christine Chandler, Daymon Ely, and Mimi Stewart

HB 37 “Paid Sick Leave Act” Angelica Rubio, Andrés Romero, and Patricia Roybal Caballero

HB 38 “Paid Family and Medical Leave Act” Christine Chandler and Patricia Roybal Caballero

Sick Leave Acts

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