Sign petition in opposition to massive new federal land grab in Southern New Mexico

A coalition of environmental groups left-wing politicians is pushing for 245,000 acres in Luna County near Deming to be locked up as a “national monument.” Such a designation could negatively impact the livelihoods of thousands of local residents by severely limiting use of those lands.

Worse still, the process for declaration of national monuments allows the President of the United States to personally declare monuments with just a stroke of a pen. This is due to a broad interpretation of the Antiquities Act which was signed into law more than a century ago by President Teddy Roosevelt.

A group of local activists is distributing a petition against the monument via here. Please sign and share. All New Mexicans are welcome to add their names to the list of opponents.

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17 Replies to “Sign petition in opposition to massive new federal land grab in Southern New Mexico”

  1. Enough of this land grab and wasteful spending. Biden says he has no $ for a secure border or the walls. He won’t stop this insane migration of millions, but he wants $ billions for the U & R war. He is out of control. He knows he is hurting America and the taxpayers and certainly doesn’t give a hoot. One more reason to vote the Traitor out of office.

  2. Stop the land grab. This is the citizens land not fed government, it will be blocked off, no more recreation. It’s the plan yo keep people at home.

  3. The American people own the land. Not the oil companies, or mining companies or any of the corporate interests that the RGF wants to support. Everybody should be concerned about the environment and not be labeled “far left” or “ecoterrorists” or any of the names and labels that the right likes to impose.

    1. The federal government does a lousy job managing the land it already owns. It should solve that situation before it adds even more lands under restrictive control.

  4. This is a wonderful opportunity for the people of America not just people in Luna County.
    Are the Ranchers afraid they will loose thier almost free ride? The good of the masses override the will of a few cowboy’s.

  5. Once you put the land under government control it is no longer the American peoples land but the bureaucrats land who oversees it, with the rules and regulations that they continually impose ,and take it out of the American peoples hands.

  6. Ranchers have nothing to lose if the Floridas become a National Monument. Grazing actually increased after the Organ Mountains became a National Monument. Deming has everything to gain economically.

    1. I agree. I also think we should strive as a nation regardless of party affiliations to preserve nature for future generations to enjoy. I am a conservative Republican and I agree with making this land a national park/Monument.

      1. Should Congress and local officials have to support it or should Biden be able to do this all by himself? The most likely path is the latter. Seems that process matters.

  7. This is a systematic takeover of our land. The government is trying to take our lands and make them inaccessible to the public, the owners of the property. I saw this years ago in California sand dunes and other desert lands. The government called land that had roads all over it and by calling it wilderness, closed large areas of land to the public, the land owners. If they can call land historically used by vehicles and call it wilderness, then I can call my wife a virgin once again.
    Wilderness is virgin land but once used by mechanical vehicles it loses the wilderness status.

  8. A national monument declaration will bring much needed commerce to a dying town (Deming) – people that come to enjoy the national monuments will eat at our restaurants, buy from our shops & vendors, and stay at our hotels & campgrounds, etc. People need to stop labeling this as a “land grab” which it isn’t. Do you want mining and over grazing to continue? Really? The only way to preserve the land and stop future mining and erosion is to vote for the National Monument.

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