Sign Petition to Support Albuquerque Businesses!

The Rio Grande Foundation, in response to the unfair attacks upon them by the Los Angeles-based Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, is urging supporters to actively visit businesses that have been targeted by the Union, to report which businesses are being targeted (for posting at and to sign this petition which will be released to the local media in early April and mailed to the union in Los Angeles (all contact information will be stripped from the petition before it is sent).

So, sign the petition and send the names of locations of businesses that have been targeted and thus deserve support. An initial list can be found here:

La-Z-Boy on San Mateo & McLeod
Healthsouth hospital on Jefferson and Ellison
Lovelace Women’s Hospital on Montgomery
Il Vicino at Alameda and Corrales
Hotel Andaluz (downtown)
Hotel Albuquerque on Rio Grande
The New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union
on Americas Parkway NE

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5 Replies to “Sign Petition to Support Albuquerque Businesses!”

  1. Paul:

    This same labor group is also targeting a business or two in Santa Fe–specifically a bank (or credit union) on St. Michael’s Drive

  2. I first saw one of these at Schott Solar a few months ago. Since then I’ve seen them at the east side La-Z-Boy (a rather large one with picketers too) the new Il Vicino in cottonwood and a handful of others. I saw 2 in uptown today, one for the Rio Grande Credit Union, and I’m not sure about the other.

    This union just hires day laborers to sit next to a sign all day (or hold signs and picket). They’d have more luck if they lowered their prices a bit to be more competitive, instead of spending money on intimidation campaigns.

  3. This labor group’s behavior does not help the customers and clients of these businesses, do not help the local economy, or help the members of other unions who may work in the businesses being picketed.
    All they accomplish is to reinforce the public’s negative views of unions.

  4. I have observed these signs in a number of cities. I believe that visitors to the area, as well as locals, find the picketers to be a nuisance and generally ignore them. However, it can make people uncomfortable and cause them to wonder what the business “did wrong”. It certainly does not deter me from patronizing a business, although it may have this impact on others.

    I agree with Mr. Weiss’ comments that the picketing serves to reinforce the public’s negative view of unions.

    I encourage others to actively ignore the picketers and seek out business that are targeted. Thanks!

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