Smart Move by Susana Martinez

Gov. Richardson has long been known for padding the state work force with so-called “exempt” employees. Now, like rats fleeing a sinking ship, those government workers are trying to find the safety of being “classified.”

Allowing this to go unchallenged would pile millions of dollars onto the payroll at a time of massive deficits. It would also preclude more qualified workers from pursuing their jobs. View the Channel 4 report on the incoming governor’s efforts to do the right thing here:

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One Reply to “Smart Move by Susana Martinez”

  1. If the political flunkeys were so valuable to stste Government ? WHY were they not ( Classified ) to begin with ??
    Possibly trying to load state with unqualified people, To slow down operations in what ever department they ended up in . Too many incompetant people in state jobs as it is . Produce little but collect a nice payvheck !!

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