So-called “green energy”: No bias here!

In Sunday’s Albuquerque Journal, I saw an article that truly made me shake my head. A link to the article can be found here from the Charlotte Observer, but in the Journal, the headline was “Southeast Trails in Renewable Energy.

The article has some truly choice quotes. Basically, some environmental groups are complaining that states in the Southeast are not forcing their electricity users to buy so-called “renewable power” from sources like wind and solar. Utilities’ lobbying and conservative Republicans are to blame. But where it gets interesting is the statement that “residents in the Southeast benefit from some of the lowest electricity bills in the country, making politicians reluctant to tamper with anything that could hit their constituents in the wallet.”

Duh! A freer market in electricity with fewer government regulations makes for lower costs. Marita Noon of Energy Makes America Great made that very point recently in the Journal. Of course, barring a victory in the courts, environmentalists are succeeding in driving up electricity costs at a time of great economic hardship.

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2 Replies to “So-called “green energy”: No bias here!”

  1. WOW ! So called green energy is quite a bit more expensive .. Splar and Wind generated electricty is definately NOT cheap ! The coal-fired generation plants cost the least , But the idiot in the whitehouse and enviromentalists are bound and determined to destroy the coal fired industry . Probably subistuting Donkey Manure for coal, Due to an overabundance being produced by Progressives ??? LOL .

  2. Green anything is more expensive and some cases down
    right dangerous. Ethanol emissions are more hazardous
    to the lungs than regular unleaded gas. So why must we
    put the crap in our gas tanks?

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