So Much for Hope of Progress Toward Limited Government this Term

Bush’s proposal to throw money on New Orleans raises a bunch of initial comments and questions:
1. This will cost the average taxpayer (those who actually pay taxes) about $2,000 each. Harry to W: Yes, it is taxpayers who will foot this bill, not “government.”
2. Because of 1. I wonder how much private giving will be crowded out? Are you going to give generously knowing that you the taxpayer will be coerced into sending an average of $2,000 for “government” help? I’d like to know.
3. New Orleans residents will receive an average of roughly $100,000 each of government spending. Wouldn’t it be better to give them some direct financial aid and let them decide how to use it to rebuild their lives?
4. Shouldn’t local citizens, businesses and government determine their own risks and benefits for rebuilding? Why is it our responsibility to totally rebuild a below-sea-level city in a hurricane zone? They rolled the dice and lost; now the rest of us pay up.
5. Economic freedom, not big government, is what works. Bush was already moving us quickly in the opposite direction by his unprecedented spending binge. That being said, I wonder what kind of sea change this may cause in political loyalties? Those of us (and there are many) who are enthusiastic about the joys of liberty are not going away.