Socialism rising in New Mexico

It used to be (a decade ago) that if you called an American politician a “socialist” you’d get pushback. That is changing with the rise of self-avowed socialists AOC and Bernie Sanders in Congress, but in general, the left wing in is far more willing to embrace the term than it was just a short time ago.

Right here in New Mexico, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino has long been the standard bearer for the far left in New Mexico’s Legislature having taken office in 2005. And, while we disagree on most major issues, he’s personally friendlier than most newly-elected politicians of the left and he’s actually sponsored solid “school choice” legislation in the distant past (of course the unions put a stop to that).

While not ALL New Mexico “progressives” embrace the label, there is NO doubt that the “socialist” wing of the party is growing in strength and is willing to publicly embrace the moniker as does Sen. Ortiz y Pino below. And, if you click the link and read the article┬áreferenced below it says nothing new. It tacitly and dishonestly embraces Western European capitalist nations such as Sweden with its reasonably high level of economic freedom while disavowing the USSR, Venezuela, and other socialist/communist totalitarian disasters.