Some interesting COVID questions from the New York Times

The New York Times tends to be far-left, but in their Morning Briefings which are free to receive, they often make some interesting points about COVID and the “science.” Unfortunately, in New Mexico our Gov. (and the APS school board) are forcing kids to wear masks this fall with no end in sight. All state workers also must be vaccinated or wear masks and be tested regularly. But the Times has some interesting questions (below).

Below that is the latest COVID death data for the USA from COVID (this time using 7 day rolling average). As you can see, while the media and politicians are hyping a crisis, in terms of what really matters (deaths), the reality is very different. We recognize that deaths ARE a lagging indicator and will keep an eye on things as things evolve.

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  1. Viruses need hosts to survive. India is experiencing herd immunity and therefore infection rates are falling. In America (NM specific), the infection rate is being used to control behavior, just as we complied to in 2020. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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