‘Spaceport America’: 0 for 2016

If New Mexico’s spaceport offers “the world an invitation to space,” no one’s RSVPing.

In 2016, the facility launched … nothing. No satellites placed in orbit. No tourists sent on one-of-a-kind journeys. Heck, even UP Aerospace wasn’t able to launch a single sounding rocket last year.

But rest assured, taxpayers, economic-development “visionaries” are doubling down. The Las Cruces Sun-News reports that construction “could start late spring or early summer of 2017” on a 24-mile route from the “Upham Exit of Interstate 25 north to Spaceport America.”

Instead of “investing” more in the spaceport, elected officials should be looking to unload the white elephant. While a new version of the bill hasn’t been drafted yet, let’s hope that legislation akin to 2015’s SB 267 reappears. Sponsored by Senator George Munoz (D-Gallup), the bill would have required the development of “a marketing plan that will advertise and promote the sale of Spaceport America to potential national and international buyers.”

In 2005, Virgin Galactic told The Wall Street Journal that it was hoping its first flight would “launch in late 2008 or early 2009.” Eight years later, the wait continues. Can someone please explain the sunk-cost fallacy to the spaceport’s defenders?

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5 Replies to “‘Spaceport America’: 0 for 2016”

  1. I can’t help but assume that the f acebook “investment” is going to be as bad a sink hole of taxpayer funded enterprises that help yet another billionaire make more billions.

  2. Sell it to Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and turn it into Spaceport America, the Amusement Park of the Future!

    I am serious. It could be a regional draw and hotels, motels, and restaurants could be built for the guests. The park itself would have some full time all year employees and could provide good jobs for the warm weather months.

    A park for the rest of us who cannot or will not ever buy a $200,000+ ticket to space but who could fork out $100 or so for a day of fun. Good grief! A ticket to VISIT Space Port America is $45! For that, we should get a few rides! A one day ticket to Six Flags Magic Mountain is only $54.99 and you get rides and shows for that!

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