Spaceport: Are legal changes it’s last chance?

This is a great article about New Mexico’s taxpayer-financed Spaceport. It touches on several issues that we have brought up in the past that seem to have been completely ignored by Gov. Richardson and those who foisted the project on us, the taxpayer.

1) The liability issue as it currently stands, puts New Mexico’s Spaceport at a severe disadvantage. If the Legislature fails to act in this session, the unwillingness to protect businesses using the Spaceport could kill the project;

2) We are not alone or even the most advanced when it comes to the development of these projects around the country (and world).

3) Even if the Spaceport suddenly does a 180 and becomes a big success, how many rich people like Richard Branson and Ashton Kutcher are going to want to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Truth or Consequences or will stay in New Mexico long enough to drive the kind of economic developed that Richardson and others promised?

Only time will tell, but there is no doubt that the Spaceport is very much at risk more than 7 years after the Legislature went along with Big Bill’s big idea.