Spaceport in need of millions of dollars in repairs

Virgin Galactic has finally launched its first paid flight from New Mexico’s taxpayer-financed Spaceport America, but the facility which was built starting in 2009 at a cost of more than $200 million (plus numerous additions) is already in need of millions of dollars in repairs.

Roof repairs alone could run from $800,000 to $3 million.

The Spaceport will also install an expensive water treatment system to remove the minerals, adding that to its utilities costs.

Finally, a new 30,000-square foot building including staff offices, conference rooms, an auditorium, cafeteria, dining area and server storage is also being considered as an addition to the facility with estimated the costs ranging between $45 million and $60 million.

The good news? Virgin Galactic is finally launching from the facility.

The bad news is that New Mexico taxpayers have spent well over the $220 million construction price for the facility and are going to likely be spending millions more before Virgin Galactic even shows that they have a viable operation.

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9 Replies to “Spaceport in need of millions of dollars in repairs”

  1. This is nothing new and they’ve already been working on it for some time. Some of those costs are being covered by a Virgin Galactic and they have a number of other paying tenants. Virgin Galactic is already starting paying services which is something the Rio Grande Foundation said would never happen. Come with us into the 21st century people!

  2. This place is a joke. They will never make money. What falls out of the rich folks pocket will trickle to us. When the second plane crash happens they will close that drain on the tax payers down for good.

  3. How much interest has been paid on these bonds….I know it was refinanced a few times. Are the bonds fully paid off? Magic money…

  4. It has never paid it’s own way, and it never can.

    Eagerly adopted by Gov. Richardson as a means to secure Democrat control of the state by buying votes with the surplus left over by his predecessor in office.

    A never ending boondoggle and excuse to rob the taxpayers of New Mexico.

    1. How on Earth do you know it “never can”? Are you some kind of fiscal savant?
      I personally know it’s not paying for itself right now and have been critical of it in the past. I also happen to live in Sierra County. But I also think it’s good advertising for the state of New Mexico and it is attracted a number of other tenants. And now that Virgin Galactic is providing services have the Spaceport even more money is coming in.
      I don’t believe you have a clue how it’s going to do in the future. You just said it’s something the Dems put together that you can really hate.

    2. My prediction is that neither Spaceport nor Railrunner will be shut down as long as the Dems control the state legislature ( the last time the Republicans held a majority in both houses at the same time was 1930). The Dems are simply too embarrassed to admit that these projects are white elephants. Read Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer” for additional insights.

  5. What kind of construction methods are used to protect tax dollars already? The roof is wiped out after such a short time and it’s going to cost a fortune totally ridiculous. These exotic construction plans obviously were not well thought out at all but nobody cares about the tax dollars and the New Mexican residence

    1. You are correct. I don’t have that information, but it is shameful that the facility is already in need of serious repairs just over a decade into service.

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