Spaceport in Trouble?

With the news that Doña Ana County is delaying its implementation of a gross receipts tax increase to fund the Spaceport, one might wonder if that project, like the Rail Runner extension to Santa Fe, is in trouble. We can only hope.
The problems are twofold: First and foremost, as discussed in the Las Cruces Sun article above, other counties are not jumping on board the project by passing their own tax hikes as quickly as Doña Ana did. Also, as with the Rail Runner, Spaceport management is asking for more money than originally estimated.
With all of the Foundation’s complaining about the Rail Runner and Spaceport, one might mistakenly believe that we have something against “economic development.” That actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather, we believe that individuals, not governments, drive economic development and will allocate resources far more efficiently than governments do. Both the Rail Runner and Spaceport seem to be bearing this out.