Spaceport liability changes are a no-brainer, unfortunately trial lawyers have no brains

Should I be able to waive my rights to sue somebody if I engage in an obviously-risky behavior? It would seem obvious that one should be able to do so (particularly if they are paying $200,000 for the privilege) , but I’m not a trial lawyer (thank God!). Also, in case you missed it, we at the Rio Grande Foundation aren’t huge fans of the Spaceport.

Nonetheless, we do hope the Spaceport succeeds (as best it can) as taxpayers have spent upwards of $200 million on it already. So, it is shocking, but perhaps not surprising, that the trial lawyers have convinced so many legislators to oppose efforts to protect those who will be providing space flights out of the New Mexico Spaceport from legal action. After all, there is already talk of a “Spaceport Glut.” Do opponents of liability protection really think Richard Branson and his buddies are stupid enough to come to New Mexico if they can go elsewhere and not be exposed to these lawsuits?