Special session fireworks over front line essential workers

The recently-completed, one day special session of the New Mexico Legislature didn’t include issues of substance of interest to the Rio Grande Foundation (limited government, individual liberty). While much-needed legislation WAS introduced to limit the Gov.’s powers during a crisis, the Democrats who control both bodies, didn’t give the bill a hearing.

Instead, the Session was called to distribute hundreds of millions of dollars of federal CARES Act money. But, that doesn’t mean that no controversies erupted during the Special. In fact,  the following short video from the Session shows a testy exchange on the House floor.

Rep. Rebecca Dow had presented an amendment to the Relief bill that would have provided a $600 one-time payment to front line essential workers who make less than $15/hr. Speaker Egolf did not want his members to have to take a vote on the measure and he attempted to twist the rules in his favor. Rep. Jason Harper calls him on it in a heated exchange toward the end of this video.

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2 Replies to “Special session fireworks over front line essential workers”

  1. Wow and Wow !! Is this how the Gov’t entities conduct themselves when they are able to ? This is bullying and someone it seems finally had the cajoles to call the chair on his twisting of words. Sooner or later we get or regret what we voted for !

  2. The monies being handed out starting December 7th are going to people who were not given a stimulus check a few months ago. This is going to be illegal immigrants, people married to illegal immigrants. Just in time for Christmas !! Then people wonder why would these people from other countries risk everything to come to our country ? Why wouldn’t they !!

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