Standing up to Union Thugs

Most rational people might think that in today’s economy, with 9.4 percent unemployment rates, that workers would be happy to see a business putting their fellow laborers to work. That would not be the case for Carpenters Local No. 1319 of Santa Fe.
Instead, the union is protesting (subscription required) the fact that Lone Sun Builders is doing renovations on the Hotel St. Francis using non-union labor. The owner of Lone Sun Builders, the heroic Chet Karnas, said of his company and its workers: “No single individual in this company makes less than $11 an hour. Not one person. He also provides an ample benefits package including health care, a 401(k) plan with matching contributions, and life insurance.”
He and two other Lone Sun employees held a banner that said, “Employee benefits and great wages. Our benefits: Health, dental and life insurance. Health reimbursements, pension and retirement. Sounds like a real shady outfit to me. The unions hate nothing more than employers who treat their workers right without giving them a cut of the action. Here’s to you Mr. Karnas! Oh, and next time I recommend a hotel in Santa Fe, I’ll be sure to recommend Hotel St. Francis.