States are ending their COVID emergencies. When will MLG allow New Mexico’s to expire?

As the number of COVID cases continues to drop in New Mexico and across the nation, a number of states have ended their emergency orders.

Yesterday, Arizona Gov. Ducey announced that the State’s emergency would end immediately. But the trend is not limited to relatively “red” states. Deep blue Oregon will end its emergency on April 1, 2022. Missouri’s emergency will ALSO end on Friday (there seems to be some conflict over whether they have a mandate in place or not).

New Mexico’s latest emergency order ALSO expires on April 1, 2022. We will find out very soon what Gov. Lujan Grisham plans to do.

New Mexico COVID-19 update: 2,286 new cases, totaling 231,785


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4 Replies to “States are ending their COVID emergencies. When will MLG allow New Mexico’s to expire?”

  1. Other than the few chicken littles still wearing masks everywhere, I believe that New Mexicans have made their own decision that the pandemic is over. The question remains, will they hold the Progressives accountable this November? Yet to be seen

    1. Why do you resort to name-calling because someone believes differently than you do? Some people have legitimate reasons to continue wearing masks. You have no idea what type of illness they may have that makes them extremely vulnerable to viruses. They have every right to protect themselves. Your name-calling is uncalled for. Grow up — you don’t know everything!

      1. You’re offended by “chicken littles?” I got called worse names in first grade. The problem with those who still wear masks is the same as before: masks are ineffective. Yes, wearing a properly-fitted KN 95 or something MAY be useful, but if you are TRULY immunocompromised there is very little that can be done for you when you go out in public. Most masks won’t help.

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