5 Replies to “Stop the Rail Runner in its Tracks!”

  1. Have not most of the capital costs to raise the Rail Runner already sunk? Why close it down now? All we must subsidize now is the few passengers who ride it. Too late most of the cost is already spent.

  2. Please stop the railrunner. The costs will continue to escalate and our poor state cannot take this type of expenditure. Why throw good money after bad??

  3. The Railrunner was a bad idea from the beginning. Most taxpayers of New Mexico will never even see this white elephant. In these direful times with so many citizens hurting this unneeded failure should be put up for sale to the highest bidder and its existence should be investigated to see who profited from this idea!

  4. The rail runner wsa a bad idea from the start when the Governor took funds from the highway department to build this white elephant. The funds used were for the repairing roads in the smaller areas. Now these roads are in terrible shape withno funds for repair. the drain on the taxpayer to maintain this train is terrible. Most of the citizens in the western and eastern part of the state will never use the rtrain so why should we pay taxes for something we will never use.

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