Stossel takes on the Common Core

John Stossel is one of the guiding lights of the free market movement. His platform as a national television host gives him regular opportunities to weigh in on the pressing issues of the day. Unlike many politicians and media personalities, Stossel is a consistent opponent of government overreach and a proponent of individual liberty. He’s done a great deal of work on education issues.

So, it was only a matter of time before Stossel took on the education policy known as “Common Core.” While some conservatives and advocates of limited government have endorsed Common Core, Stossel outlines his concerns here.

According to Stossel, the fundamental flaw with Common Core is that:

As American education has become more centralized, the rest of our lives have become increasingly diverse and tailored to individual needs. Every minute, thousands of entrepreneurs struggle to improve their products. Quality increases, and costs often drop.

But centrally planned K-12 education doesn’t improve. Per-student spending has tripled (governments now routinely spend $300,000 per classroom!), but test results are stagnant.

While Common Core may have some good aspects, I believe that we must fundamentally re-form our entire K-12 education system in ways that emphasize choices and individuality. These concepts, as Stossel notes, govern the rest of our lives. It is hard to imagine that another centrally-imposed curriculum or set of standards, no matter how well-intentioned, is the cure for America’s education woes.