Stossel’s balanced budget plan: better than Congress

All of this brinkmanship over the debt ceiling has me a bit depressed. After all, Boehner’s plan is hardly a serious attempt to put America on a path to budgetary sustainability.

That’s why I loved John Stossel’s recent proposal to take a chainsaw to the federal budget. Stossel’s proposal, without even accounting for the rapid economic growth that would be unleashed by the reduction in the federal bureaucracy would result in a surplus in one year. Rather than punting our budgetary problems to future generations, we need our leaders to come up with real, specific cuts, RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and in a small glimmer of optimism, Democratic Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado has a proposal that would increase federal revenues by doing things like having a tax amnesty and legalizing internet gambling — without raising taxes.

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5 Replies to “Stossel’s balanced budget plan: better than Congress”

  1. For guy with the worst show on TV he makes a lot of sense. Since nothing is going to change maybe it is time to consider how to react to the downfall of the US.

  2. John Stossel’s a jack ass, some one should break his windows, then maybe he’ll learn not to break other peoples windows!

    1. I don’t even understand this comment, Andrew. Given your socialistic opinions, it is no surprise that you’d want to inflict violence on someone you disagree with, but I’d like you to elaborate on why someone should break Stossel’s windows.

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